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[Migrated] %%key%% without removing accents
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Most of the missing DEFAULTSORT on the French WP are now added using AWB with %%key%%, which removes accents: for instance, "é" is changed to "e", though doing so has been useless for more than a year, because $wgCategoryCollation is now ''uca-fr'' (almost identical to ''uca-default''), so the sorting inside categories no longer puts "é" after all "e" words. This gives a wrong example to users not aware of this technicality, who are thus encouraged to believe that, when adding by hand a DEFAULTSORT, they still need to make the small extra effort of removing accents. With or without accents makes no difference on category pages when the sorting algorithm is ''uca-...'', but users of WPs in languages that use accents (about all languages except English) would appreciate a %%key-uca%% similar to %%key%% but not removing accents, or as another solution, %%key%% not removing accents when the sorting algorithm is ''uca-...''. @Oliv0 07:38, 7 January 2015 (UTC)