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[Migrated] Single button settings load
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I have found myself yearning for a one-button settings load ability. I've been working my way through {{cl|Pages with citations using unsupported parameters}} with a script running on one computer that gives me unsupported parameter names that I then add to a script running on another computer. I make those additions using Notepad++ because of it's syntax coloring and bracket matching abilities and because it's a real editor. But, that does mean that I have to make the change, ctrl+s, go to AWB then File > Recent settings > select the file then Start.

Perhaps, to save space, the start button can be overloaded with this functionality. AWB sees that the currently loaded settings file is older than the current file so it changes the button's color/legend (perhaps to Reload settings - a tool tip might show the file name). At a fresh start up, the Reload settings button would reload the last used settings file. @Trappist the monk 00:44, 23 March 2014 (UTC)