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[Migrated] List building a query function for API
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List building a query function for API. It would be excellent if API type queries could be built into AWB interface.<p>Recently I had to undertake a query that was unable to be determined within AWB, and instead needed to have a separate query run through the API. The only way to have that undertaken was to determine the external query within the API space, and then to import the query through the makelist "HTML scraper with advanced regex". '''Also''' as the HTML scraper does an ''anonymous query'', rather than that of the logged-in user/bot, it was limited to 500 entries returned per query, rather than the 5000 of a bot; subsequently time-based versions of the query had to be run three times to get the requisite list. Also made the query more complex and as the line for the url to be pasted is not long, it was difficult to navigate through the url to edit it. @Billinghurst 06:05, 19 October 2011 (UTC)

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Is this even something that can be done? Can AWB do calls to the API queries or maybe to the WMFLabs queries somehow?

Also, I'm not sure if this has changed since this was submitted in 2011 but it seems like AWB should the logged-in user/bot rather than an anonymous query when using the HTML scraper for a variety of reasons besides just the query limit mentioned above.

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