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Redundant cache expiration check in Language::loadLocalisation
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Author: ezyang

When performing cache checks for localization files, both
self::isLocalisationOutOfDate( $cache ) and a foreach loop comparing filemtime
of the dependencies are done. This appears to be redundant, as
isLocalisationOutOfDate appears to do the same process, and the $expired
variable does not appear to be used.

If they are not actually redundant, recommend adding a comment as to the
function of the code block. I do not have a working memcached extension so I
cannot say.

The discrepancy manifested in trunk on r15823 when Tim Starling merged in the
localisation-work branch. The switch to the isLocalisationOutOfDate appeared to
have happened r15804, and replaced the $expired variable, strongly suggesting
that yes, this was an oversight on Tim Starling's part.

It is unlikely that this has caused significant performance degradation.

Patch forthcoming.

Version: 1.8.x
Severity: minor
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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ezyang wrote:

Removes redundant code

Patch that removes the redundant code


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