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SecurePoll not displaying correct languages on Meta from translations entered on VoteWiki
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There are translations entered in VoteWiki SecurePoll for all fields - and Meta correctly displays the English translation of error messages and fields meant for use on Meta (such as click here to go to voting server). However, it does not seem to display in other languages. Since these fields are also not rendering wikicode (related?), it is not possible to utilize templates to get around this problem.

Example from 2015 elections on a page with Spanish set as the language:

2015-05-20_0340.png (227×1 px, 65 KB)

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This seems to be the biggest issue with the error message where uselang= doesn't even work. I can confirm the translation is transfered over and in the db.

Fields not rendering wikicode is not related.

Possibly related information from @Jalexander: uselang works, setlang doesn't; the language is passed over from originating wiki, so it doesn't matter how it's set on the voting wiki, the error message will still be in the originator's language.

Workaround: pass in setlang with main links from banner to set people's language on Meta for them.

Possible related feature: offer users choice to set their language on the jump page.

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