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Remove all "All rights reserved" copyright verbage from tops of .h and .m files.
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We do not reserve all rights.

We should remove all comments from the tops of files. We already have a license file in the repo that explains this. notes in the source files themselves are either redundant or conflicting.

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@Mhurd true, I've been thinking that we need to setup our own WMF file templates. using Stencil, for example. How do you feel about us filing a task to do this and find/replace all non-copyleft copyright statements?

Sorry, by "filing a task" I meant: "update this description to something like:

  • update all file copyright statements
  • add script (and/or makefile goal) to install our WMF file templates onto the user's machine"
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Yeah, this just seems like a code template(s) we never updated or customized. This is not tied to a release, so I'm not going to move it into a version board, but I did bump priority slightly as it seems like a basic find/replace and we really do not reserve all rights, nor do we want to :P

You'll find that "All rights reserved" is common practice even in many open source projects.

If it's ok if we just have *no* copyright headers that would be ideal :)

We could write a test that checks for these and fails to build until they're removed.

I have nothing against having whatever headers we need to use (although I'm partial to "Copyright (c) 2016 Wikimedia Foundation. Provided under MIT-style license; please copy and modify!"), but the main thing that would be nice is at least having consistency - presently some say "All rights reserved" and some are like the one I pasted and some files have no copyright headers...

@JMinor Word is we are doing this as we go. Do we need this ticket?

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I added this to our format script - automatically removes leading licenses. Closing.