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Review Zero banner code for Wikipedia project dependencies
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Preliminary work to determine level of difficulty to enable zero banners on sister WMF projects.

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@DFoy Hi, is there any progress on this task? I'm talking to several people as part of my project as Wikimedian in Residence at UNESCO who are very interested in Wikipedia Zero but the lack of zero rating banner for Wikimedia projects other than Wikipedia is problematic because there is no conformation that the services are actually zero rated.


@dr0ptp4kt who's team is responsible for this task now?

This is Reading Web, although this spike is not a higher priority than other work at the moment.

@jhobs, @Yurik any insight on this task would be appreciated. Thank you.

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It shouldn't be terribly complex, but does require some time for testing to make sure it actually works as intended. I am not sure if this is still a requirement though.

@Yurik, thank you.

I'm closing the task as we haven't heard from @DFoy for about a year.