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Create {{#entity-link|Q123}} parser function for linking to the local page about a given entity.
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{{#entity-link|Q123}} should instead create a local interwiki link using the appropriate label along with the local page connected to the target item, if there is any. If there is no local connected page, the link should point to Special:ShowEntity (whether such a link should be red or blue depends on how we interpret the functionality of Special:ShowEntity - showing content, or creating a page; this should be controlled by a special css class, and customizable per wiki, and per gadget).

See also T99897: {{#property}} parser function should output EntityIdValues as local wiki links, once we have article placeholders
See also T99895: [Epic] Article placeholder based on data from Wikidata

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We need to separate this:

  • link to the local page where one exists and no linking if none exists
  • link to some placeholder page

The latter needs a lot more conceptual work. It's going too much into implementation already.

I also don't think we should use a new parser function here but instead add a parameter to the existing property parser function.

Closing this as I don't think we should have a separate parser function for this. Instead I'd rather change the current one. We'll need to get community input about how much that will break.

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