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Some users report being unable to vote despite being on the voter list
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The following users reported being unable to vote in the 2015 board election despite being in both centralauth voter lists:

  • Zetazeti
  • Uranatmi
  • Ettorre
  • Everyking
  • Ariel

This was initially reported on T97924. The problem appears to be an error in the election configuration, combined with the "custom unqualified error" feature causing the descriptive error message to be discarded. The "max-registration" property was set on the election despite that being a local property, it is not aware of CentralAuth and reflects the date at which the user first logged in to metawiki.

The max-registration property has now been removed. Awaiting confirmation of the fix.

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Thanks Tim,

I don't remember setting a registration date but as the only one that I know of setting the election up it was probably me. This does indeed sound like the problem though.

The custom error message was because the traditional one (which most often says something along the lines of "you are not on the predetermined list" is correct but not very helpful in pointing people to the right place to try and get help. Perhaps we should put a task on the backlog for later to allow people to add additional information along with the automated error.

I've created a task (T99920) to address the error message issue that was brought up.

Varnent set Security to None.

Thanks for the fix. Were all the users known to be affected notified that they could/should try again?