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Updating my Gather collection with additional articles and saving made it empty.
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I had a Gather collection with 1 article in it, created a couple of weeks ago. Today I added some 8-9 other articles to it (using the search bar), and they showed up fine, but after clicking "save changes": 1. I got no visual response that it happened; 2. refreshing the page after a long minute resulted in a now empty(!) collection. The collection URL is this:

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@Ijon that sounds real bad. I'm sorry that happened :-/. We'll take a look at the logs and see if we can find any indication of what happened here. @Moushira are you able to check Special:Log for this ?

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I can't replicate this so far.... and cannot find any exceptions in logstash.
Not sure how to debug this without understanding the events that occurred leading up to it.
It's possible a one off resulting from enabling the extension on hewiki.
Can you check Special:Log to see which events happened for you related to Gather leading up to this?
@Ijon did you lose any other data across the site?

Sorry late reply. I did check, couldn't find anything significant as far as my Hebrew could help. @Ijon?

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I'm not sure what to do with this card apart from assume it was a one off as we launched.

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A maybe related bug that I can consistently reproduce (on vagrant, with the mobileweb role, with a normal broser) is: create new empty collection -> add a bunch of pages via the search box -> save -> still empty

@Ijon can you provide more details on the workflow you went through? Did you setup the collection initially from the Special:Gather page or via the star? How did you get to the editor screen to add the 8-9 pages? Can you replicate it now?

@Tgr can you raise a bug for that issue please?

@Tgr T102157 hopefully covers your issue?
@Ijon does it cover yours?

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@Tgr T102157 hopefully covers your issue?

Yes, thanks for handling that!

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Assuming this was a one off then.