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Discussion for T205954
PublicDiscussion between Zoranzoki21 and PlavorSeol about behaviour on T205954

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Hi @PlavorSeol I would like to talk with you

I think to comments like this T205954#4846857 are not correct

Especially when you use big letters and bold

If you have any problem, you are free to ask/report it.

We are not here to hate you and contributors are always welcome.

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Did they create that task because they think that is really need to archive? No, I don't think so.
Since there are no Gerrit repository, GitHub repository (mirror), Phabricator projects and translation projects, there are nothing to archive, except pages on
So just replacing with Template:Archived extensions is enough, there is no need to create a task for that.
They are already knew that. They didn't create that task for necessary archiving process.
They created it to force me to create tasks, pretending they are demonstrating and adding topic on page User:PlavorSeol to do so without verifying who archived it correctly. (T205954#4633026)

Also, Gisado, a sockpuppet of -revi, chiped in dinosaur guy's such behavior to enforce and threat me without respecting my rights for own talk page.
Moreover, they came to page User talk:PlavorSeol to abuse their privilege and threat me with my past behavior (minimum 2 months ago, and most of them are on other projects except one), and finally they blocked me indefinitely with past behavior (There is a user that are not blocked because of old histories), even I didn't have excessive troubles on and I just want to contribute on quietly (without much troubles).

PlavorSeol renamed this room from T205954 discussion to Discussion for T205954.

Task is created so we can know what we should do what is done (also known as tracking), no for forcing you to do something. I no know what happened before on, so I would like to users about which you talk, provide me informations.

Gisado (aka @revi) and we others don`t think nothing bad and we no want to you feel like it.

Jan 1st, 2019
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Then how do you explain the "ALL CAPS" clause made by you?

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Jan 2nd, 2019
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Jan 27th, 2019
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hello guys,

is there someone here is a full stack JavaScript Developer

Feb 1st, 2019

hello guys what's up

Mar 13th, 2019