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Jan 29 2017

Hypergrove added a comment to T31398: Implement Gadget Manager.

I'm interested in moving the four gadget namespaces to a shared read-only wiki. I want to refer to those namespaces via interwiki prefixes, mapped to the URL of a wiki that holds these content pages. To edit any page retrieved from a remote wiki, a user would need to login to that wiki to perform the editing.

Jan 29 2017, 8:23 PM · Community-Tech (2015-2017), Gadgets-2.0, Patch-For-Review, MediaWiki-extensions-Gadgets

Apr 23 2015

Hypergrove added a comment to T48522: Multilingual SemanticMediaWiki.

Happily, I am able to create a multilingual semform by a) using {{UILANGCODE}} in switches and b) using the 'mapping template' parameter on the {{{field}}} statement where {{UILANGCODE}} is used to select translated text values for properties of the page.

Apr 23 2015, 6:18 PM · I18n, Possible-Tech-Projects, MediaWiki-extensions-Semantic-MediaWiki