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Jul 10 2020

Robocel added a comment to T256277: mobile-html: revisit 'notheme' exclusion and investigate alternatives for theming/theme exclusion.

I did an analysis of the current 'notheme' approach. I think the approach is solid and does not need substantial revision. However, in light of recent changes to the structure of the CSS and themes, I was able to make some augmentations to the existing approach that I think will be valuable to the mobile team as well as the editors of the articles.

Jul 10 2020, 7:24 PM · Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog-Deprecated, Page Content Service

Jun 1 2020

Robocel added a comment to T253845: mobile-html: consolidate and rename CSS colors.

In the transition to using LESS and the Wikimedia Base UI library, most colors in-use in the application were able to be translated directly to existing variables. A couple were not directly translated, and were instead changed to similar existing variables rather than maintain one-off colors. Here is that list:

Jun 1 2020, 2:04 PM · Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog-Deprecated (Kanban), Page Content Service