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Apr 27 2019

OwenBlacker created T222020: Add monolingual language code clc (Tsilhqotʹin).
Apr 27 2019, 9:32 PM · Wikidata-Campsite (Wikidata-Campsite-Iteration-∞), Wikidata

Mar 23 2017

OwenBlacker added a comment to T64661: Echo: Emailed Notifications for new usertalkpage messages should include more or all of the message.

I'm the Twitter user in question — the problem I'm complaining about is that User:MediaWiki message delivery fails to provide an excerpt. That might be because there's a bunch of divs confusing matters, but it's only ever those messages that fail to get any useful detail in the Echo email.

Mar 23 2017, 6:00 PM · Growth-Team, Regression, MediaWiki-Email, Collaboration-Team-Triage, Notifications