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Jun 28 2018

supasamurai added a comment to T140068: Provide a mechanism for site admins to hide the "This is my own work" checkbox for third party wikis which don't care.

As an admin of a private wiki who has spend MANY hours translating word docs to wiki articles, I would just like to say that this referenced check box is the actual devil himself in text form, stealing away tiny slices of my life by the hundreds each day. If I didn't have actual work to do I'd track the devil down myself in the code but it would be nice to fix it for others too. Why is this 'Lowest' priority? I see the devil's minions at work.

Jun 28 2018, 12:31 PM · MediaWiki-Stakeholders-Group, MediaWiki-Uploading, Multimedia

Mar 8 2018

supasamurai added a watcher for MediaWiki-extensions-Auth_remoteuser: supasamurai.
Mar 8 2018, 7:44 PM