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Dec 26 2016

jeffelder closed T154137: Upload WLM GIF and videos to Commons as Resolved.

Uploaded GIF to Commons. Victor previously uploaded video.

Dec 26 2016, 9:26 PM · Wiki-Loves-Monuments (2016)

Aug 19 2016

jeffelder added a comment to T141275: ORES vision blog post.

I do like the human angle. I wonder if we want to save that for the detox. You could do the ORES production post now and do the human angle later. ORES production doesn't have to be bare bones. I think you could explain what that means, who can use it and how, and people would read it. It's kind of state-of-the-art for the industry, right?

Aug 19 2016, 10:49 PM · Machine-Learning-Team (Active Tasks), ORES