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Dec 6 2023

Lhaaitsma added a comment to T352421: Tool to copy Wikibase entities from one Wikibase to another.

What are the arguments against enabling 'allowEntityImport' and just importing an export file?

Dec 6 2023, 7:55 AM · Wikibase Cloud (Kanban board Q1 2024)

Oct 23 2023

Lhaaitsma added a comment to T333095: Integration of Wikibase Local Media.

I was missing it in cloud, so I figured it wasn't in the bundle either. For me an off button wouldn't be needed, I just wasn't sure how much of an impact enabling it might have. In what way is it dependent on site javascript? To show the images?

Oct 23 2023, 7:26 PM · Wikibase Cloud
Lhaaitsma added a comment to T333095: Integration of Wikibase Local Media.

perhaps it's an option to add the extension to the wikibase bundle image, and let the user decide if they want to enable/disable it through a toggle, or directly through localSettings.override.php? I'm not sure what the consequences for would be though... It might lead to a jump in storage usage so maybe a limit would be wise?

Oct 23 2023, 9:15 AM · Wikibase Cloud
Lhaaitsma awarded T333095: Integration of Wikibase Local Media a Like token.
Oct 23 2023, 9:10 AM · Wikibase Cloud

Oct 19 2023

Lhaaitsma added a comment to T324104: Duplicate all or part of existing wikibase into new wikibase.

Hi all,
Is there any way I could enable 'allowEntityImport' on my instance myself? I imagine it's my own risk if I create conflicts, but seeing as I'm the only user (for now) I'm willing to take that risk. Maybe add a button to enable/disable just for the administrator?
I would love to have a bit more control of localSettings, for experimenting, but if that's not possible, a button or something would be nice.

Oct 19 2023, 5:43 PM · Wikibase Cloud

Sep 25 2023

Lhaaitsma added a comment to T287164: Improve bulk import via API.

Hi all, I'm also interested in this item's progress. Is anyone still working on this?

Sep 25 2023, 8:53 AM · NFDI, Product-Feature, Wikibase Suite Team, Wikidata, [DEPRECATED] wdwb-tech, Wikibase (3rd party installations)