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Jul 23 2020

Enervation reopened T205727: Decide on future of Android Wiktionary app as "Open".

Since T165495: Generic MediaWiki Android app has been declined, perhaps we should restart the discussion of the Wiktionary mobile app. T165495 was declined with the comment "Since the app is now wholly dependent on Wikipedia-specific RestBase services, we can no longer officially support a generic mediawiki flavor." How much work would it be to adapt the official Wikipedia app for Wiktionary? makes it sound like all it takes to make a Wiktionary app is some simple text replacement, but that was in 2016. If the Wikipedia API has since substantially diverged from the Wiktionary API, perhaps it would be a lot harder now.

Jul 23 2020, 6:13 PM · Unofficial-Apps-Wiktionary-Android, All-and-every-Wiktionary