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Aug 11 2022

Schniggendiller added a comment to T244567: Some files cannot be deleted "Error deleting file: An unknown error occurred in storage backend "local-multiwrite". " (due to missing physical file for old image entries).

Also on deWP:

Aug 11 2022, 8:11 PM · MW-1.41-notes (1.41.0-wmf.25; 2023-09-05), Structured-Data-Backlog, Structured Data Engineering, MediaWiki-File-management, Commons, Wikimedia-production-error, SRE-swift-storage, MediaWiki-Page-deletion

Oct 15 2021

Schniggendiller created T293538: history of page "0" broken in mobile view.
Oct 15 2021, 11:14 PM · MW-1.38-notes (1.38.0-wmf.5; 2021-10-19), MobileFrontend, Mobile, MediaWiki-Page-history

Jan 21 2020

Schniggendiller added a comment to T242712: Deprecation (if possible) of the #central channel on

As a steward, I very much rely on #cvn-unifications.
The SUL watcher bots report all new account creations there, with a link to That's very useful to lock LTAs very quickly or at least examine suspicious accounts. Also, there are some regexes to highlight potentially unsuitable user names. And of course you could use your IRC client to set "private" pings for names/name patterns that are of special interest for you.
Some LTAs troll in a specific wiki with a specific name pattern, and when their IP/IP range is blocked locally, switch to another wiki to continue. Without #cvn-unifications it's next to impossible to follow them, because you couldn't watch ~ 950 account creation logs manually. (Okay, you could watch Special:Log/newusers @ Loginwiki, but you need to reload that page permanently ...)

Jan 21 2020, 11:15 PM · Data-Engineering-Icebox, User-Elukey

Apr 27 2019

Schniggendiller updated Schniggendiller.
Apr 27 2019, 8:06 AM

Mar 13 2019

Schniggendiller added a comment to T217361: Security Issue Access Request for steward election.

@chasemp Now enabled, seems to work. Thanxs.

Mar 13 2019, 9:23 PM · Security, Security-Team, User-revi, Stewards-and-global-tools

Jan 18 2019

Schniggendiller renamed T214111: CollaborationHub and List edit tabs should not say 'Edit source' when VE is installed from Create new label for 'edit' for fancy collaboartionhub/list editing to Create new label for 'edit' for fancy collaborationhub/list editing.
Jan 18 2019, 4:39 PM · MediaWiki-extensions-CollaborationKit

Sep 30 2018

Schniggendiller added a comment to T205794: "Thanked" sometimes not shown in revision history or diff-page (after restarting browser / session).

The thanks log does not record the specific edits. The information that you thanked user X for edit Y is stored in your browser session. If you restart your browser, there's again the "thanks" link instead of a "already thanked". And if you use another browser simultaneously, this one will not know that you thanked User X for the edit Y.

Sep 30 2018, 1:42 PM · Growth-Team, Notifications, Thanks

Sep 19 2018

Schniggendiller renamed T204843: It is not possible to delete a ticket with several notifications from It is not possible to delete a tiket with several notifications to It is not possible to delete a ticket with several notifications.
Sep 19 2018, 8:10 PM · User-Urbanecm, WMCZ-Tracker

Aug 2 2018

Schniggendiller created T201012: new Wikimania wiki is credited as "Wikipedia" in notifications.
Aug 2 2018, 2:52 PM · MW-1.32-notes (WMF-deploy-2018-08-21 (1.32.0-wmf.18)), Growth-Team (Sprint 0 (Growth Team)), Notifications

May 1 2018

Schniggendiller added a comment to T193454: Provide an edit-with-linterid link on Page Information when lint errors are present.

Maybe you’ll find lintHint interesting :-)

May 1 2018, 7:30 AM · MediaWiki-extensions-Linter

Aug 8 2016

Schniggendiller renamed T142389: blocked user should not be allowed to edit abuse filters from blocked user should not alow to edit abuse filters to blocked user should not allow to edit abuse filters.
Aug 8 2016, 10:02 PM · MW-1.29-release (WMF-deploy-2017-04-25_(1.29.0-wmf.21)), AbuseFilter