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Sep 18 2021

HarJIT added a comment to T291272: "Search" button disappears when clicking search box in Monobook.

The effects of this are especially bizarre on Commons, where the default submit action is actually Search, not Go (for some reason): selecting the search box removes the (bolded) Search button but not the (unbolded) Go button, and pressing the Return key while the search field is focused actually does nothing whatsoever (on Commons) at the moment.

Sep 18 2021, 9:18 PM · MW-1.38-notes (1.38.0-wmf.1; 2021-09-21), Readers-Web-Backlog (Kanbanana-FY-2021-22), MW-1.37-notes, Patch-For-Review, Modern, CologneBlue, Regression, MediaWiki-Search, Discovery-Search, MonoBook