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May 12 2018

Dsvyas awarded T194558: Enable CAPTCHA on mailman instances a Like token.
May 12 2018, 1:29 AM · Operations, Wikimedia-Mailing-lists

Nov 20 2016

Dsvyas added a comment to T121853: Request to Change title or sitename and logo for localisation and update namespaces on gujarati wikiquote (gu.wikiquote).

@Dereckson @tomasz The logo is perfect, you can go ahead and change it on gu.wikiquote. It seems that the user who requested is inactive, he has changed his user names several times in past so not sure which he would be monitoring if at all.

Nov 20 2016, 5:51 PM · Patch-For-Review, Wikimedia-Site-requests

Jun 9 2016

Dsvyas added a comment to T136517: Enable ArticlePlaceholder extension in guwiki.

Thank you all!

Jun 9 2016, 9:12 PM · Wikimedia-Site-requests, ArticlePlaceholder, Wikidata

Mar 12 2016

Dsvyas added a comment to T119816: Enable reviewer user right in FlaggedRevs on gu.wikipedia.

@Dereckson: I agree, I'm sysop on and have never had to worry about tackling vandalism. No need to create need of unnecessary maintenance on our small community.

Mar 12 2016, 12:53 AM · Wikimedia-Extension-setup, Wikimedia-Site-requests

Feb 9 2016

BhatakatiAatma awarded T101442: Creating Gujarati (Hindu) Calendar a Love token.
Feb 9 2016, 3:50 AM · I18n, MediaWiki-Internationalization

Feb 7 2016

Dsvyas created T126163: Install Extension:PhpTags on
Feb 7 2016, 5:04 PM · Wikimedia-Extension-setup, Wikimedia-Site-requests

Feb 5 2016

Dsvyas added a comment to T122407: Change title or sitename and logo for gu.wiktionary.

Just uploaded one, it now looks uniformed using the same fonts as and logos. Thanks for your patience. Does the text look distorted in below page and displays correctly when zoomed and viewed at the second link or its only my PC playing?

Feb 5 2016, 12:04 AM · Patch-For-Review, Wikimedia-Site-requests

Jan 28 2016

Dsvyas added a comment to T122407: Change title or sitename and logo for gu.wiktionary.

@Dereckson thanks for adding me, if its not too late can I create one just like the ones that I have created and used for gu.wp & That will ensure whole gu wiki family uses unified style.

Jan 28 2016, 7:30 AM · Patch-For-Review, Wikimedia-Site-requests

Dec 3 2015

Dsvyas added a comment to T119787: Enable autopatrolled, rollbacker groups on gu.wikipedia.

Thank you @Mdann52 for taking up this task. I am a local sysop there on gu.wp. These rights are highly needed as the community is getting more active these days. Apologies for the late comment, was busy in my personal and work life so was away from wiki.

Dec 3 2015, 10:02 PM · Patch-For-Review, Wikimedia-Site-requests

Jun 4 2015

Dsvyas created T101442: Creating Gujarati (Hindu) Calendar.
Jun 4 2015, 8:45 PM · I18n, MediaWiki-Internationalization