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Jul 17 2019

WJ added a comment to T105171: Make ContentTranslation work for Wikivoyage.

Please install this tool at the Hebrew WIkivoyage. This tool is especially needed at the Hebrew WIkivoyage as we don't have many people translating content, a relative large amount of content needs to be translated to Hebvoy, and unfortunately so far multiple people I contacted refused to take part in the translation efforts as long as this tool does not exist in the Hebrew Wikivoyage as well.

Jul 17 2019, 7:35 PM · CX-deployments, Maintenance-Worktype

Feb 24 2016

WJ added a comment to T127654: Adding a new namespace for hewikivoyage.

I'll just further add that we believe this is necessary because we are now importing + creating boundary and track data to the majority of the Hebvoy articles which have dynamic maps (read more about this feature at What this means in practice is that sooner or later most of the articles in the Hebvoy main space that include dynamic maps would have significant amounts of data added to them (many of the mapmasks consist of around 20,000 - 30,000 bytes of data) that consists mainly many many numbers (or coordinates, to be more exact). We use the software JOSM to create this data.

Feb 24 2016, 4:13 AM · Patch-For-Review, Wikimedia-Site-requests