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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Feb 3 2019, 3:04 PM (40 w, 4 d)
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Alishamohanty [ Global Accounts ]

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Feb 12 2019

Alishamohanty added a comment to T189559: Automate 'Phase 1' and 'Phase 3' of the review process of the Wikimania Scholarships App.

Hello Everyone! I am Alisha and I am certainly looking forward to contributing to Wikimedia! I am a GSoC aspirant and hope to catch up fast with how exactly I could contribute to this project.

Feb 12 2019, 7:30 PM · Outreach-Programs-Projects, Wikimedia-Wikimania-Scholarships

Feb 5 2019

Alishamohanty added a comment to T213513: Improve the interface of Special:ViewData in the Cargo extension.

Hello, everyone! I am Alisha and I am certainly looking forward to contribute to WikiMedia. I am an aspired GSoC2019 aspirant and looking forward to having good mentorship and guidance and would like to contribute to this project. I have almost completed the setup of Cargo locally in my computer as asked. But I am facing some warning and certainly not sure if I am done with the proper setup. I am looking foward to get some tasks @Yaron_Koren. Thanks

Feb 5 2019, 5:44 PM · Patch-For-Review, MediaWiki-extensions-Cargo, Google-Summer-of-Code (2019)