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Mar 28 2021, 7:35 PM (164 w, 3 d)
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AllyD [ Global Accounts ]

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Mar 5 2023

AllyD added a member for Wikispore: AllyD.
Mar 5 2023, 4:33 PM

Nov 30 2022

AllyD added a comment to T198456: Users entering small numbers into automatic citations, expecting it to re-use an existing citation.

A good suggestion. That said, it's low priority, as it's not truly "quite common" if there's only 9 instances of PMID 1 on a wiki as large as the English Wikipedia.

Nov 30 2022, 7:29 AM · User-Ryasmeen, Verified, MW-1.40-notes (1.40.0-wmf.14; 2022-12-12), Editing-team (Kanban Board), Citoid, VisualEditor-MediaWiki-References, VisualEditor

Aug 7 2022

AllyD added a comment to T313650: "Previous AFD" and "Previous Draft" labels for articles in Special:NewPagesFeed.

One more scenario I run into frequently (outside of draftifications, which NL mentioned) is seeing the "Previously deleted" tag next to a page (often a BLP) which was CSD/PROD'd 10+ years ago, usually with a different subject, despite having the same name, so the previous deletion really has no bearing on the current iteration of the page.

Not always easy to discern the nature of the previous instance and determine its relevance to the present article. This is where a scratchpad of inconclusive review findings would be useful: I sometimes add the Old Prod / Prev Afd template to the new instance, and where appropriate add a note about it probably not being the same person. Maybe an additional template for placing structured investigative findings onto the new article's Talk page could be useful, and then could in time be consumed as structured information?

Aug 7 2022, 7:07 AM · PageTriage