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Aug 17 2022, 12:18 AM (79 w, 6 h)
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Clovermoss [ Global Accounts ]

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Dec 18 2023

Clovermoss added a comment to T353602: Editing Error Report: Issue with Page Editing and Reply Function.

Wikipedia talk:Requests for adminship. I see this sort of thing in
Wikipedia space relatively consistently though.

Dec 18 2023, 5:20 PM · Wikipedia-Android-App-Backlog
Clovermoss created T353611: Diff link giving wrong diff when user in question has symbols in username.
Dec 18 2023, 2:25 AM · Wikipedia-Android-App-Backlog

Sep 29 2022

Clovermoss added a comment to T318811: Ensure what is shown in watchlist by default has parity with Desktop.

Thank you for figuring that out, cooltey. I guess my watchlist settings on desktop have been that way for years and I just assumed that was the default setting because it was what I was used to.

Sep 29 2022, 11:01 PM · Wikipedia-Android-App-Backlog (Android Release - FY2023-24)

Sep 8 2022

Clovermoss added a comment to T296952: Improve edit summaries.

Scriblr, the answer is yes, if I'm understanding the context right. Before today, I only had the production version of the app installed and when editing on the mobile browser and trying to click publish, it would open up the app.

Sep 8 2022, 11:37 PM · Wikipedia-Android-App-Backlog (Android Release - FY2023-24)

Sep 6 2022

Clovermoss added a comment to T315382: Remove option to thank IP editors in Diff Viewo.

Not fixed completely because there's a similar error message that appears when you click the "thank" button for bots. Although maybe this is a seperate issue?

Sep 6 2022, 11:41 AM · Wikipedia-Android-App-Backlog (Android Release - FY2023-24)

Aug 17 2022

Clovermoss added a comment to T315348: Color consistency for diffs on Android vs Desktop.

I intended this more as an observation than something that might be an issue (the original point of my usersubpage about mobile editing was to show the differences/what stands out to me as a more experienced editor that isn't used to the app). I actually love the green, but it's my favourite colour :) I do think there's a good argument behind cross-platform consistency, though.

Aug 17 2022, 12:25 AM · Wikipedia-Android-App-Backlog