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Nov 2 2017, 3:51 PM (341 w, 6 d)
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Nov 3 2017

Cyclohexane233 added a comment to T139010: Split Mindong (cdo) translations.

The discussion was very pluralistic, many different opinions were shared.
I think the interface of cdo-latn and cdo-hani in Min Dong Wikipedia should be separated.If latn and hani both in one article, the vision effects are bad.And that, cdo-latn and cdo-hani are two totally different writing systems(unlike Chinese simplified and traditional can transform easily), they can't be use together to write an article.
Now the most articles, which in the Min Dong Wikipedia, are written in latn.Their existence is valuable, and need not to be changed into hani.
I support the opinions of @ztl8702 @Yejianfei.The primary task is not only merely separating cdo-latn and cdo-hani in Min Dong Wikipedia, but also trying to make Min Dong Wikipedia becomes a multi-script Wikipedia.
Some might say cdo-latn and cdo-hani can't correspond word-to-word, but we can see Serbian Wikipedia, which is a good example.We should have the idea(make a multi-script Min Dong Wikipedia) firstly, then technology will be considered.Manual intervention or LanguageConverter, there is always a best way to slove problems which might occur possibly.
All things considered, making a multi-script Min Dong Wikipedia is arduous, which require the support from all of us.
Above is my statement for my personal opinions.

Nov 3 2017, 6:51 AM · Language-Technical Support (Language-Technical Support (Current)), Patch-For-Review, Language codes,, MediaWiki-Internationalization, I18n