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Mar 15 2015, 11:16 AM (402 w, 1 d)
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Mar 15 2015

Danapit added a comment to T77925: Wikidata PageBanner extension.

Yes. The banners are specifically created for each article, then stored within this category in commons and immidiatelly used. That means that there would be hardly any banners which are not used somewhere (except when someone created a small number of alternative banners for some article and then selected one of them). I don't think there are actually users making WV banners withoutr immidiate use of them - so there isn't anything like a stock of WV banners. And using each banner for only one article at a time (with a few exceptions) is one of the criteria for WV banners use.

Mar 15 2015, 8:15 PM · Wikidata-Page-Banner, Wikidata, Google-Summer-of-Code (2015)
Danapit added a comment to T77925: Wikidata PageBanner extension.

The whole idea sounds good to me. As a WV user and frequent page banenner editor, I have some concerns:

  1. I agree we need to maintain the possibility of having different page banner pictures in different language versions or projects.
Mar 15 2015, 5:22 PM · Wikidata-Page-Banner, Wikidata, Google-Summer-of-Code (2015)