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  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Aug 12 2016, 3:56 AM (313 w, 5 d)
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Sep 20 2017

Funcrunch added a comment to T176351: Allow users to restrict specific users from editing their own user page and subpages thereof.

Thanks for the ping. Makes sense to me for a user to be able to bar individual users (other than admins) from their user page and subpages. As I argued in my userspace protection RfC, user pages are not part of the encyclopedia, so the "encyclopedia that anyone can edit" argument for leaving them completely open (by default) really doesn't hold water from my perspective.

Sep 20 2017, 8:40 PM · MediaWiki-extension-requests, Anti-Harassment

Oct 30 2016

Funcrunch added a comment to T149445: Enable default create/edit/move semi-protection for base userpages of registered users on enwiki.

ETA: I should note though that the closer of the RfC specifically said that the consensus was for semi-protection, and this filter option sounds like it would still allow very new accounts to edit (essentially, option 1.5 of the RfC). I do understand that the close is being questioned, and the admin has been pinged for clarification.

The filter is currently set to target unconfirmed users, so would effectively the same as semi-protection

Oct 30 2016, 11:41 PM · WMF-General-or-Unknown
Funcrunch added a comment to T149445: Enable default create/edit/move semi-protection for base userpages of registered users on enwiki.

More advantages to the edit filter over actual semi:

  • All disallowed edits are logged, so we're able to track abuse and good-faith attempts
  • We can show a customized friendly message, e.g. "Editing of another user's userpage is disallowed to prevent against abuse. If this your userpage, please log in to edit"
  • We can alternatively issue a warning then allow them to save, or simply tag the edits. Doesn't have to be disallow.
  • We can still allow editing from privileged users who are locally unconfirmed, such as stewards, global-rollbackers, etc. (they may already be able to edit semi-protected pages, not sure)

Note some other wikis are already have similar filters, such as Korean Wikinews

Oct 30 2016, 8:53 PM · WMF-General-or-Unknown

Oct 29 2016

Funcrunch added a comment to T149484: Allow to apply protection to user pages, excepted for the concerned user.

MZMcBride, the RfC specifically included a provision for very new users to be able to edit their own user pages. This was noted by the closer on the talk page. The task to enable that to happen was split off into a separate task, T149484 (not my doing or idea).

Oct 29 2016, 6:10 PM · Community-IdeaLab, MediaWiki-General