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May 19 2023, 3:46 PM (48 w, 4 d)
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HualinXMN [ Global Accounts ]

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Dec 1 2023

HualinXMN added a comment to T352501: Navigation error caused by "VariantAlly" gadget: "Page not found: /w/undefined".
Dec 1 2023, 2:10 PM · Local-Wiki-Template-And-Gadget-Issues, Chinese-Sites

May 19 2023

HualinXMN added a comment to T336882: Set up a registration portal page to automate the IPBE application process for Chinese users.

Isn't this all about granting automatic IPBE for open proxies' users from China?

The verification process relys on the user's real IP.

The original enwiki details include putting the portal on a shifting IP address instead of a domain.

I don't know. Am not a tech guy. IP is cool.

*It counts as repetition
At the same time, it will bring privacy concerns, and law enforcement agencies (such as Ministry of State Security (China) aka MSS) can more easily trace users through money transfer methods and SMS
Of course, IP addresses can also be traced
I think the PRC Government will definitely want these privacy more after OA21(2021 Wikimedia Foundation actions on the Chinese Wikipedia)

May 19 2023, 4:20 PM · Chinese-Sites, Community-consensus-needed, Stewards-and-global-tools, IPBee (IP-Blocked Editor Experience)