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Sep 6 2022

IBrazal added a comment to T316688: Display event time in "source of truth" timezone as well as in user's local timezone.

Update: I have talked with 2 of the ambassadors so far. Antoni recommended that we include both the organizer and participant time zone for hybrid events. @Bachounda recommended that we just pick one timezone for hybrid events. The ambassadors will be looking into getting more feedback from people on this topic.

Also pinging @Geugeor, @Sadads, and @IBrazal to get their opinions. Thanks!

Sep 6 2022, 6:35 PM · Campaign-Tools, CampaignEvents, Campaign-Registration
IBrazal added a comment to T316294: Address Organized by: text in case of organizer being suppressed or deleted by Special:CentralAuth.

Thanks for the response, @Daimona!

  1. I agree that the strike-through is unnecessary. I don't think we need it. The visual example you provided looks good to me.
  2. If we have more than one organizer, I wonder if it is still useful to display the 'username removed' because:
    • If we hide the username in one scenario and display it another scenario, it is an inconsistent user experience.
    • Perhaps it is a good idea for participants to know that one of the usernames was removed? This way, they can be more informed on the history of the event, in case there are potential Trust & Safety issues.

Curious to get the thoughts of @Sadads and @IBrazal on this one. Thanks in advance!

Sep 6 2022, 5:21 PM · MW-1.40-notes (1.40.0-wmf.2; 2022-09-19), Campaign-Tools (Campaign-Tools-Current-Sprint), CampaignEvents, Campaign-Registration
IBrazal added a watcher for Campaign-Tools: IBrazal.
Sep 6 2022, 4:05 PM

Aug 29 2022

IBrazal updated the task description for T315936: [Request for feedback] Trust & safety risk mitigation (V1, V2).
Aug 29 2022, 4:27 AM · Campaign-Registration, Campaign-Tools (Campaign-Tools-Current-Sprint)

Jan 26 2022

IBrazal added a watcher for Wikimedia-CentralNotice-Administration: IBrazal.
Jan 26 2022, 1:55 AM