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Dec 10 2017, 4:55 PM (177 w, 6 d)
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Peter James [ Global Accounts ]

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Peter_James added a comment to T281921: Error trying to create page on bnwiki: "The revision #0 of the page named "টেমপ্লেট:Arguments" does not exist.".

It has a page ID (363432) created on 9 June 2014. Between the pages before and after being created there is one missing revision (1637537) so it's probably either that revision or it never had any revision ID

Fri, May 7, 4:15 PM · MediaWiki-Revision-backend, Wikimedia-General-or-Unknown, Bengali-Sites

Wed, Apr 28

Peter_James added a comment to T233561: Pending changes: autoreview randomly fails.

I made enough edits with my alternative account to be autoconfirmed but these rights were not added. There is also a permission error when moving pages with pending changes enabled: "You do not have permission to move this page, for the following reason: You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested."

Wed, Apr 28, 9:10 PM · Regression, MediaWiki-User-management, User-DannyS712, MediaWiki-extensions-FlaggedRevs
Peter_James added a comment to T233561: Pending changes: autoreview randomly fails.

My most recent edit wasn't automatically accepted. According to Special:ListGroupRights, my rights should include autoreview and movestable but they are missing from* - are these rights usually in the list there?

Wed, Apr 28, 6:55 PM · Regression, MediaWiki-User-management, User-DannyS712, MediaWiki-extensions-FlaggedRevs

Mar 30 2021

Peter_James added a comment to T275960: Partially failed user suppression left revisions visible, with rev_deleted=0.

There is something similar at - one is the username at which still has contributions but is hidden, the other is the same username with three additional L's on the end, where it shows the account as existing and blocked (it has no edits) but there is no global account. User IDs are 41529844 and 41530100.

Mar 30 2021, 5:56 PM · Platform Team Workboards (Clinic Duty Team), MediaWiki-extensions-CentralAuth, MediaWiki-Logevents, MediaWiki-User-management
Peter_James reopened T278350: "Lock wait timeout exceeded" moving a page back with ~18800 watchers on en.wp as "Open".

Not resolved, some of the history is still at Help talk:Help talk:Getting started. With the original move, all the watchlist entries would have to be added for the new title, but when moving back most would already be there, so there would be very few, if any, to change - both titles have many watchers so are the lists compared before attempting to write? There's probably no reason to wait for the watchlists to update, as a watchlist cannot block a move; when a template is edited there are can be thousands of pages using that template (and it may cause a similar number of new transclusions of several other templates) but that doesn't block editing.

Mar 30 2021, 1:15 PM · User-Urbanecm, Editing-team, MediaWiki-Watchlist, Growth-Team, WMF-JobQueue, Wikimedia-production-error, User-notice, Wikimedia-database-error, MediaWiki-Page-rename

Feb 18 2021

Peter_James added a comment to T112081: [Story] purge cached renderings of IDs when the formatter URL changes.

After purging a property and an item where the property is used, it still seems to be cached somewhere, and if a property is added after the formatter URL is changed, the link created is based on the old formatter URL.

Feb 18 2021, 12:09 PM · Story, Wikidata

Dec 19 2020

Peter_James reopened T128078: slashes in identifiers get rendered incorrectly as "Open".

Slashes are still converted to %2F in UK Parliament thesaurus ID ( The formatter is$1

Dec 19 2020, 12:53 PM · Wikidata-Sprint-2016-02-16, Patch-For-Review, MediaWiki-extensions-WikibaseRepository, Wikidata

Dec 5 2020

Peter_James added a comment to T269308: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'items' of null / TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'view.model().scene().items').

Not only mobile site or devices - appears blank in Firefox 83.0. The graph can be seen in preview, and in old revisions, and it was blank in and but both display the graph now they are no longer the current revision.

Dec 5 2020, 4:43 PM · Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog, Mobile, Wikimedia-production-error, covid-19, MediaWiki-extensions-Graph

Aug 2 2020

Peter_James added a comment to T259440: Not able to save a string longer than 400 characters.

Not sure when this was changed but (3 July) would now be too long. That's the most recently created item with "quotation or excerpt" but there may have been additions to existing items since then or long strings in other properties.

Aug 2 2020, 9:14 PM · MW-1.36-notes (1.36.0-wmf.4; 2020-08-11), Wikidata-Campsite (Wikidata-Campsite-Iteration-∞), Regression, Wikidata
Peter_James added a comment to T259440: Not able to save a string longer than 400 characters.

T198108 looks like it was to add an option to change the limit. T154660 was to increase a limit (possibly this one) to 1500 but whatever was changed there doesn't seem to have been reverted. Is there something else that restricts it to 400?

Aug 2 2020, 8:42 PM · MW-1.36-notes (1.36.0-wmf.4; 2020-08-11), Wikidata-Campsite (Wikidata-Campsite-Iteration-∞), Regression, Wikidata

May 29 2020

Peter_James added a comment to T253837: Batches in QuickStatements not working.

It has started working again. It had stopped a minute before the logs in T253738 so possibly related to that.

May 29 2020, 7:36 AM · Tools

May 18 2020

Peter_James created T253060: Fix typo "millenium" in wikibasemediainfo-time-precision-year1k string.
May 18 2020, 8:01 PM · I18n, good first task, WikibaseMediaInfo

Apr 30 2020

Peter_James added a comment to T251453: Wikidata information and interwiki information are discordant for en:Template:Rhythm_and_meter.

The link was in the source of, which is transcluded in the documentation of Template:Rhythm_and_meter.

Apr 30 2020, 10:11 PM · Wikidata-Campsite, Wikidata

Apr 29 2020

Peter_James added a comment to T251387: Missing sitelinks for some wikibase items.

There was a duplicate (Q89621390) but both were in the query service, merging the items shouldn't remove the data for both.

Apr 29 2020, 12:15 PM · Wikidata, Wikidata-Query-Service

Sep 3 2019

Peter_James created T231948: <mapframe>: Attribute "longitude" has an invalid value - when value is close to zero.
Sep 3 2019, 10:08 PM · MW-1.35-notes (1.35.0-wmf.25; 2020-03-24), Wikidata, Maps (Kartographer)

Jul 27 2018

Peter_James added a comment to T190477: Unable to view edit page or log for certain pages ("MWException: Expected title, got null" from LogFormatter.php).

In this case, and in T185049 and T199210, the error occurs when attempting to view a log entry which the API shows as having "target_title": "Special:Badtitle" (or equivalent) followed by "Talk:" and a title with an interwiki or namespace prefix. (

Jul 27 2018, 9:19 PM · Editing-team, Contributors-Team, MediaWiki-Page-editing, Wikimedia-production-error, MediaWiki-Logevents, Wikimedia-General-or-Unknown
Peter_James added a comment to T185049: Unable to open edit page, or view Special:Log, for certain pages ("MWException: Expected title, got null" from LogFormatter.php).

Probably related; the log entry ( is for a move to a title that translates to "Special:Badtitle/Talk:" followed by another prefix.

Jul 27 2018, 9:09 PM · MW-1.31-release-notes, MW-1.32-notes (WMF-deploy-2018-07-31 (1.32.0-wmf.15)), Editing-team, Contributors-Team, MediaWiki-Page-editing, MediaWiki-Logevents, Wikimedia-production-error
Peter_James added a comment to T199210: attempt to view log for specific timestamp generates internal error.

The log entry can be viewed using the API ( - the talk page moved to a title that is now invalid and the prefix of "Special:Badtitle/" in the log entry is similar to T190477. The move from the invalid title doesn't have that prefix and can be viewed in Special:Log ( and but it could also be the difference between an invalid title in "title" and one in "params".

Jul 27 2018, 8:28 PM · Wikimedia-production-error, MediaWiki-Logevents

Jul 25 2018

Peter_James added a comment to T198156: Server-side deletion of User:LorenzoMilano/sandbox.

API:Mergehistory says that part of a page's history can be merged to another page. Could the revisions be merged to a new page in batches, deleting and restoring one edit each time, or does that also fail?

Jul 25 2018, 3:01 PM · User-MarcoAurelio, Wikimedia-Site-requests

Dec 10 2017

Peter_James created T182537: RecentChanges incorrectly shows log entries as deleted.
Dec 10 2017, 5:09 PM · Growth-Team-Filtering, Growth-Team, MediaWiki-Revision-deletion, MediaWiki-Recent-changes