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Feb 9 2018, 11:08 AM (193 w, 22 h)
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Feb 9 2018

Pinnerup added a comment to T153306: Have Show preview and Review your changes more directly accessible in the New Wikitext Editor.

I second this. I find it vexing that the options to preview and review changes are only available after pressing a button that says "Publish changes", not in the least because in other viewing modes (e.g. from the preview or review changes modes) pressing the button "Publish changes" will actually and immediately publish your changes. It's disturbing that the user has to click a button saying "Publish changes" to get to a function that's essential to use *before* publishing changes. It always makes me hesitate, fearing that pressing it may not allow me to make changes before it's final.

Feb 9 2018, 11:32 AM · VisualEditor, Patch-For-Review, Design, VisualEditor-MediaWiki-2017WikitextEditor
Pinnerup added a comment to T44138: VisualEditor: Toolbar "Save page" button is confusing as it merely opens the dialog to save the page.

I came here just for this after too often accidentally publishing an incomplete or undescribed edit. It's really frustrating to me as a user that it's not easily possible to see if pressing the "Publish changes" button will take me to an intermediate step allowing review and description or if it will publish the changes immediately.

Feb 9 2018, 11:22 AM · User-Ryasmeen, VisualEditor, VisualEditor-MediaWiki