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Jan 22 2019, 2:08 AM (282 w, 6 d)
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Colin M [ Global Accounts ]

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Apr 14 2021

halfeatenscone added a comment to T263361: Example numbering for linguistics articles (feature request).

I'd just like to second this request, as someone who has also edited in the space of linguistics articles and been frustrated by this gap in functionality.

Apr 14 2021, 9:26 PM · MediaWiki-extension-requests, Editing-Team-Request, MediaWiki-Page-editing

Nov 19 2019

halfeatenscone added a comment to T194448: Support negatives for the hastemplate keyword in AdvancedSearch.

Seems like this was fixed? The wikipedia search help page includes an example with a negated hastemplate filter, and it works as expected.

Nov 19 2019, 8:04 PM · Advanced-Search
halfeatenscone created T238686: Deepcat search returns incomplete results.
Nov 19 2019, 7:37 PM · TCB-Team (now WMDE-TechWish), Advanced-Search, CirrusSearch, Wikidata, Wikidata-Query-Service, Discovery-Search

Nov 2 2019

halfeatenscone added a comment to T204089: CirrusSearch: Add filter for exclusion of redirects or finding only them.

BTW, another thing that makes the current state of affairs feel confusing and inconsistent is that the prefix: operator doesn't apply to redirects, only the actual title.

Nov 2 2019, 3:44 PM · Advanced-Search, Discovery-Search, CirrusSearch
Restricted Application added a project to T113840: Offer a titles-only search result: Discovery-Search.

I'm not sure if this exactly matches the use case described, but another user and I recently created a toolforge tool with the specialized purpose of searching by title. A couple of the features mentioned in this issue were explicit design goals:

  • Sparse presentation of results so that many can fit on the screen at once (no snippets, or metadata other than the title)
  • Easy comparison of results for different title queries (you can compare 2 or more queries in side-by-side panes)
  • Optionally excluding results that only match on a redirect rather than the actual title
Nov 2 2019, 3:16 PM · Discovery-ARCHIVED, CirrusSearch

Aug 19 2019

halfeatenscone added a comment to T204089: CirrusSearch: Add filter for exclusion of redirects or finding only them.

In terms of the API, there used to be a boolean srredirects parameter, which would include redirects if true. Restoring that seems fine to me. Though it looks like the default value for boolean parameters is always false (, so maybe it would be preferable to keep the current default behaviour, and add a boolean param with opposite semantics (srnoredirects? srsuppressredirects?).

Aug 19 2019, 5:03 PM · Advanced-Search, Discovery-Search, CirrusSearch

Aug 18 2019

halfeatenscone added a comment to T204089: CirrusSearch: Add filter for exclusion of redirects or finding only them.

A valuable use case for title search would be looking at the number of titles matching certain patterns, to establish whether there's a consistent form in use for certain types of articles (cf. For example, comparing the parenthetical disambiguators "(video games)" vs. "(video gaming)". The inability to exclude redirects makes this impossible.

Aug 18 2019, 5:06 PM · Advanced-Search, Discovery-Search, CirrusSearch

Jul 29 2019

halfeatenscone created T229261: Database table backing listing not being updated properly.
Jul 29 2019, 6:15 PM · User-bd808, cloud-services-team (Kanban), Tool-admin, Toolforge

May 2 2019

halfeatenscone created T222371: Many watchlist preferences only affect non-Javascript interface (but this is not indicated in UI).
May 2 2019, 3:26 PM · Growth-Team-Filtering, Growth-Team, MediaWiki-Watchlist, MediaWiki-Core-Preferences

Mar 31 2019

halfeatenscone created T219723: Anchor in section title leads to id being duplicated in ToC and section heading on mobile.
Mar 31 2019, 3:41 AM · Web-Team-Backlog, MobileFrontend

Jan 22 2019

halfeatenscone created T214340: Audio player overlaps and blocks parts of rendered images.
Jan 22 2019, 3:06 AM · MediaWiki-extensions-Score, TimedMediaHandler
halfeatenscone added a comment to T201689: Playing midi again after listening all the way to the end doesn't work on chrome.

I've noticed the same thing. FWIW, it seems to only happen with some instances. For example, the linked Five Little Ducks example fails consistently for me, but replaying the example at the top of consistently works.

Jan 22 2019, 2:13 AM · Browser-Support-Google-Chrome, TimedMediaHandler, MediaWiki-extensions-Score