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Nov 20 2015, 12:45 AM (212 w, 1 d)
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Hgzh [ Global Accounts ]

Recent Activity

Thu, Nov 28

hgzh created T239428: API edit on page with non-resolvable redirect and redirect=1 creates page with invalid title.
Thu, Nov 28, 4:11 PM · MW-1.33-notes, MW-1.31-release-notes, MW-1.32-notes, MW-1.34-notes, MW-1.35-notes (1.35.0-wmf.5; 2019-11-05), Core Platform Team Workboards (Clinic Duty Team), MediaWiki-API

Wed, Nov 27

hgzh created T239368: Users on dewiki have been automatically switched to use the enhanced recent changes and watchlist.
Wed, Nov 27, 11:17 PM · MediaWiki-User-preferences, MediaWiki-Watchlist, MediaWiki-Recent-changes, Growth-Team

Fri, Nov 22

hgzh created T238964: Special:Block - block expiration is interpreted differently in non-utc timezones.
Fri, Nov 22, 11:04 PM · MediaWiki-User-management

Sep 7 2019

hgzh added a comment to T193253: VisualEditor should not add local "|link=https://..." links to file description when copying images from another page.

Just noticed this behaviour on dewiki:

Sep 7 2019, 9:22 PM · Verified, VisualEditor (Current work), MW-1.35-notes (1.35.0-wmf.2; 2019-10-15), Parsoid-Edit-Support, VisualEditor-MediaWiki, VisualEditor-CopyPaste

Jul 27 2017

hgzh added a comment to T171726: MobileDiff with linebreaks within words.

It's simply difficult to read words which have linebreaks at unusual positions (e.g. after the first letter, this disturbs the reading flow). I often read diffs and would like to have word wrap only around spaces or something like hyphenation.

Jul 27 2017, 2:32 PM · Readers-Web-Backlog (Design), MobileFrontend

Jul 26 2017

hgzh created T171726: MobileDiff with linebreaks within words.
Jul 26 2017, 11:56 AM · Readers-Web-Backlog (Design), MobileFrontend

Apr 18 2017

hgzh added a comment to T158458: ERI Metrics: Measure click-through actions from RC page and create 'Productivity" baseline.

This should be done now.

Apr 18 2017, 8:52 AM · Collaboration-Team-Triage (Collab-Team-This-Quarter), MW-1.30-release-notes (WMF-deploy-2017-06-27_(1.30.0-wmf.7)), Patch-For-Review, Edit-Review-Improvements-RC-Page

Apr 17 2017

hgzh added a comment to T158458: ERI Metrics: Measure click-through actions from RC page and create 'Productivity" baseline.

some (many) patrollers work off "recent changes" page, where they click on the page (or on "prev", or any other "diff" link), examine the edit, and return to recentchanges page.
until this change, the "prev" link was painted as "visited", but now, the "visited" page has the "freomrc=1" parameter, while the link on the rc page does not. this makes the link non-visited, and the browser paints it as such.

Apr 17 2017, 5:38 PM · Collaboration-Team-Triage (Collab-Team-This-Quarter), MW-1.30-release-notes (WMF-deploy-2017-06-27_(1.30.0-wmf.7)), Patch-For-Review, Edit-Review-Improvements-RC-Page

Jan 13 2017

hgzh awarded T154933: Several users and tools have invalid credentials in a Love token.
Jan 13 2017, 3:09 PM · Cloud-Services, Toolforge

Nov 23 2016

hgzh created T151450: Move RevisionSlider to position above of FlaggedRevision marks.
Nov 23 2016, 12:31 PM · MW-1.29-release (WMF-deploy-2017-01-03_(1.29.0-wmf.7)), Patch-For-Review, TCB-Team, Revision-Slider

Jul 23 2016

Guycn2 awarded T141081: RevisionSlider: space missing before edit summary in popup a Love token.
Jul 23 2016, 12:05 PM · TCB-Team-Sprint-2016-07-14, TCB-Team, Revision-Slider

Jul 22 2016

hgzh created T141081: RevisionSlider: space missing before edit summary in popup.
Jul 22 2016, 9:45 AM · TCB-Team-Sprint-2016-07-14, TCB-Team, Revision-Slider

Jul 15 2016

hgzh added a comment to T128429: Provide an rotating reader-interactive "slider" gallery mode.

Sorry, but at the moment this seems to be unusable for the article namespace:

  • There is no way to set the widths/heights of the images - the gallery resizes randomly for every image
  • The gallery caption size is a way to big especially if you have small images
  • the extended mode (clicked on the center icon) is not very intuitive and stylish.
  • mode="slideshow" and perrow="..." causes vertical scrolling
Jul 15 2016, 8:49 PM · MW-1.28-release-notes, MW-1.28-release (WMF-deploy-2016-07-12_(1.28.0-wmf.10)), Patch-For-Review, Design, Multimedia, MediaWiki-Gallery

May 12 2016

hgzh created T135120: Special:GraphSandbox does not work with CodeEditor disabled.
May 12 2016, 11:47 AM · MediaWiki-extensions-Graph

Jan 18 2016

hgzh awarded T71107: Allow browsing log events by log ID a Like token.
Jan 18 2016, 11:00 AM · Patch-For-Review, MW-1.27-release (WMF-deploy-2016-01-19_(1.27.0-wmf.11)), MW-1.27-release-notes, Google-Code-In-2015, MediaWiki-Special-pages

Nov 20 2015

hgzh added a comment to T119181: Watchlist "2 hours" option redisplays as "1 hour".

This is because 2/24 = 0,83333... which gets cut to 15 decimals in the html form. But we check the &days= parameter in php to be exactly 2/24 which returns false and so the option doesn't get selected.

Nov 20 2015, 7:52 PM · MW-1.27-release (WMF-deploy-2015-11-17_(1.27.0-wmf.7)), MW-1.27-release (WMF-deploy-2015-12-08_(1.27.0-wmf.8)), MW-1.27-release-notes, Patch-For-Review, MediaWiki-Watchlist
hgzh created T119208: Special:Watchlist shows nonfunctional RCMaxAge option in time dropdown menu.
Nov 20 2015, 5:22 PM · MediaWiki-Watchlist