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Nov 6 2015, 12:28 PM (219 w, 5 d)
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Melina Masnatta (WMAR) [ Global Accounts ]

I´m a specialist in technology and education, make researches, design and develop programs for foundations and educational ministries. Also I´m a professor and researcher at the University of Buenos Aires and the Latin American Social Sciences Institute. And member of the board of Girls in Tech Argentina (actually we are developing a program to teach programming to teenagers for reduce the gender and digital gap). I always want to share and help to spread education issues. I wrote in the Educational Newsletter about Massive distance learning courses, Gender gap in education, Educational Edithaton and Digital Education policies. I have had an active participation in the Education Pre Conference Wikimania 2015. And I was the education coordinator of Wikimedia Argentina during two years. I believe in the collaborative work to grow up in our actions.
Actually my MediaWiki user is Melina Masnatta

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