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RPKI Origin Validation

Written by ayounsi on Aug 10 2020, 1:02 PM.

Since the late 90s, databases named Internet Routing Registries (IRR) have been trying to fulfill that (single) source of truth role. Unfortunately, they are subject to a lot of issues: fragmentation (many existing databases, not all equally well-maintained), security (some databases allow anyone to “claim” a prefix) and complexity (for the network operators). They also contain a lot of inaccurate data that have accumulated over time.


Internal anycast

Written by ayounsi on Aug 7 2020, 9:48 AM.

This project brought two major changes to our infrastructure. Firstly, servers that used to be fronted by LVS for load balancing are now peering directly with our routers. Secondly, we have started using IP anycast for a highly critical service: recursive DNS.