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sentencex: Empowering NLP with Multilingual Sentence Extraction

Written by santhosh on Sep 27 2023, 10:55 AM.

Sentence segmentation is a fundamental process in natural language processing. It involves breaking down a given text into individual sentences, a task that finds applications in various contexts. Whether you need to split a paragraph into sentences for further analysis or present sentence boundaries in a user-friendly frontend application, sentence segmentation is crucial.


Section translation migrated to Vue 3

Written by santhosh on Apr 26 2022, 5:55 AM.

Section translation is a mobile first adaptation of ContentTranslation tool. It helps editors to translate sections from a source article to its corresponding article in another language using easy to use UI in a mobile interface. Translating content involves many steps such as choosing the right article, languages, sections to translate, cross checking with the existing article, selecting sentence, translating with the help of Machine translation, editing it and finally publishing. Designing and building such a complex workflow in the small mobile screen is a very challenging project.

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