mediawiki_selenium 1.8.1 Ruby Gem Released

It has been a while since the last mediawiki_selenium release! 💎

I have just released version 1.8.1. 🚀

Notable changes:

  • Required Ruby version is 2.x
  • Upgrade selenium-webdriver to 3.2
  • Integration tests use Chrome instead of PhantomJS
  • Added license to readme file
  • Documented Sauce Labs usage in readme file
  • Updated Special:Preferences/reset page

I would like to thank several contributors that have improved the gem since the last release: @hashar, @Rammanojpotla, @demon and @thiemowmde! 👏

Written by zeljkofilipin on Jun 14 2018, 3:05 PM.
Senior Software Engineer in Test (Contractor)
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