Toolforge: Trusty deprecation and grid engine migration
Replacing Ubuntu Trusty with Debian Stretch in Toolforge

Ubuntu Trusty was released in April 2014, and support for it (including security updates) will cease in April 2019. We need to shut down all Trusty hosts before the end of support date to ensure that Toolforge remains a secure platform. This migration will take several months because many people still use the Trusty hosts and our users are working on tools in their spare time.

Initial timeline

Subject to change, see Wikitech for living timeline.

  • 2019-01-11: Availability of Debian Stretch grid announced to community
  • Week of 2019-02-04: Weekly reminders via email to tool maintainers for tools still running on Trusty
  • Week of 2019-03-04:
    • Daily reminders via email to tool maintainers for tools still running on Trusty
    • Switch login.tools.wmflabs.org to point to Stretch bastion
  • Week of 2019-03-18: Evaluate migration status and formulate plan for final shutdown of Trusty grid
  • Week of 2019-03-25: Shutdown Trusty grid

What is changing?

  • New job grid running Son of Grid Engine on Debian Stretch instances
  • New limits on concurrent job execution and job submission by a single tool
  • New bastion hosts running Debian Stretch with connectivity to the new job grid
  • New versions of PHP, Python2, Python3, and other language runtimes
  • New versions of various support libraries

What should I do?

Some of you will remember the Ubuntu Precise deprecation from 2016-2017. This time the process is similar, but slightly different. We were unable to build a single grid engine cluster that mixed both the old Trusty hosts and the new Debian Stretch hosts. That means that moving your jobs from one grid to the the other is a bit more complicated than it was the last time.

The cloud-services-team has created the News/Toolforge Trusty deprecation page on wikitech.wikimedia.org to document basic steps needed to move webservices, cron jobs, and continuous jobs from the old Trusty grid to the new Stretch grid. That page also provides more details on the language runtime and library version changes and will provide answers to common problems people encounter as we find them. If the answer to your problem isn't on the wiki, ask for help in the #wikimedia-cloud IRC channel or file a bug in Phabricator.

See also

  • News/Toolforge Trusty deprecation on Wikitech for full details including links to tools that will help us monitor the migration of jobs to the new grid and help with common problems
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