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Phabricator Changes for February 2019


After many months with only a few minor updates deployed to the wmf/stable branch of Phabricator, we were long over-due for a major update. With All-hands 2019 behind us I was finally able to find the time to merge and deploy a huge batch of upstream changes.


This update includes several changes which directly address a problem or implement a feature that directly affect one or more of the users on this instance of Phabricator. Specifically, I've seen each of these changes requested in various tasks and IRC discussions. That's why I've compiled the following list of highlights, derived from the upstream changelogs with the addition of some commentary:

Task Types

  • "Change Subtype" is now available as a comment action. This was requested more than once since we started experimenting with task types a few months ago.
  • When Creating a subtask, you will be given a choice of which form to use. This can be customized based on task types so that certain types always use a specific form or a specific set of forms. This new functionality gives us a lot of flexibility to build custom workflows using task types and custom forms. I will have more to say about this in a future blog post.

Notable Bug Fixes

Other notable changes

  • The "Can Configure Application" policy for each application is now editable by administrators. This allows you to deputize users to, for example, configure Maniphest without giving them full administrative powers. Notably, this policy also controls the ability to manage edit forms.
  • i18n: Lots of new translation strings have been imported from translatewiki.net
  • The Maniphest task graph now shows more nodes (200, up from 100) and suppports a standalone view which draws up to 2,000 nodes.
Written by mmodell on Feb 22 2019, 7:23 PM.
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