Project-wide sudo policies in Horizon

When @Ryan_Lane first built OpenStackManager and Wikitech, one of the first features he added was an interface to setup project-wide sudo policies via ldap.

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I've basically never thought about it, and assumed that no one was using it. A few months ago various Labs people were discussing sudo policies and it turned out that we all totally misunderstood how they worked, thinking that they derived from Keystone roles rather than from a custom per-project setup. I immediately declared "No one is using this, we should just rip out all that code" and then ran a report to prove my point... and I turned out to be WRONG. There are a whole lot of different custom sudo policies set up in a whole lot of different projects.

So... rather than ripping out the code, I've implemented a new sudo interface that runs in Horizon. [T162097] It is a bit slow, and only slightly easier to use than the old OpenStackManager interface, but it gets us one step closer to moving all PVS user interfaces to Horizon. [T161553]

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For the moment, users can edit the same policies either on Horizon or on Wikitech. If I don't get complaints then I'll remove the UI from wikitech in a few weeks.

Written by Andrew on May 30 2017, 8:02 PM.
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