Phabricator Features, July, 2019 Edition
Workboard Column Triggers

This will be a brief introduction to this new feature which appeared recently on Phabricator workboards.

A trigger associates a set of one or more actions with a workboard column.

These are the actions which are currently available:

  • Add or Remove (specified) Project Tags
  • Assign Task (to a specified user)
  • Change Priority (to a specified value)
  • Change Status (to a specified value)
  • Play a Sound

A trigger can have one or more rules associated with it. Each rule applies one of the aforementioned actions to any task which is dropped on the associated column.


Triggers only work on workboards. They are not applied when you use the "Move on workboard" action from the task comment form.


The most obvious use for this feature is to automatically resolve tasks when you drop them into the "Done" column on a project workboard, and here is a screenshot of what that trigger would look like:

Screenshot from 2019-07-25 09-45-58.png (507×772 px, 43 KB)

To add a trigger to a workboard column, click the "cogs" button at the top of a workboard column and choose "New Trigger" from the popup menu, as seen in this screenshot:

Screenshot from 2019-07-25 09-49-57.png (120×298 px, 8 KB)

Written by mmodell on Jul 26 2019, 9:23 AM.
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