Phabricator Status Update
Real time notifications currently disabled,

You may have noticed that Phabricator's real-time notification service ("Aphlict") is currently disabled. This means that you will not see real-time notification popups in Phabricator and workboard live-updates aren't happening.

This is due to some changes in the way traffic is routed within Wikimedia's network which started causing problems for Phabricator, resulting ultimately in Aphlict being disabled temporarily. The underlying issue is tracked here: T238593: Phabricator downtime due to aphlict and websockets (aphlict current disabled)

I have been working with @Dzahn on various Phabricator issues and projects, and we intend to resolve the issue with Aphlict as soon as possible. Last week we finished migrating Phabricator to a different server in the eqiad data center and in the process we tested several disaster recovery scenarios. With that work finished we can now focus on getting real-time notifications back online. Although I can't commit to a definite timeline, I am aiming to have everything back to normal by the end of December.

Along with this status update I would like to express my sincere regret and apologies for any inconvenience that this causes you. With the limited amount of time we had to work on issues before @Dzahn had to leave for holidays, we had to prioritize the server migration over fixing Aphlict.

If you have any questions or concerns you can comment below.

Written by mmodell on Dec 9 2019, 9:00 PM.
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Thanks for the update, and thanks for your work on keeping phabricator up and running!