Deployment of ORES review tool in Englis Wikipedia as a beta feature (August 23rd, 2016)
August 23rd, 2016

We The Revision Scoring Team
are happy to announce the deployment of the ORES review tool as a beta feature on *English Wikipedia*. Once enabled, ORES highlights edits that are likely to be damaging in Special:RecentChanges, Special:Watchlist and Special:Contributions to help you prioritize your patrolling work. ORES detects damaging edits using a basic prediction model based on past damage.

ORES is an experimental technology. We encourage you to take advantage of it but also to be skeptical of the predictions made. It's a tool to support you – it can't replace you. Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns.

Documentation: mw:ORES review tool, mw:Extension:ORES, and m:ORES

Bugs & feature requests: #revision-scoring-as-a-service-backlog

IRC: #wikimedia-ai

Amir from the Revision Scoring team

Written by Halfak on Jun 3 2017, 4:51 PM.
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