ORES review tool deployment status (September 3rd, 2016)
September 3rd, 2016

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Hey folks,

I recently received an email asking for more information about how to get
the ORES review tool[1] deployed in more wikis (we currently support 8:
wikidata, fawiki, enwiki, nlwiki, ptwiki, plwiki, trwiki, ruwiki). I
figured that this summary should be shared more broadly, so I'm pasting it

This is the best guide that we have for users requesting support right now:

There's a lot that we need to do in response to requests for support. We
currently have Wiki labels[2] edit quality campaigns running in

http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/arwiki/?campaigns=stats (2464/4977 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/azwiki/?campaigns=stats (0/5000 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/dewiki/?campaigns=stats (182/4177 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/enwiki/?campaigns=stats (350/6333 labels, extension)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/eswiki/?campaigns=stats (1210/8434 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/etwiki/?campaigns=stats (824/4678 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/fawiki/?campaigns=stats (1781/3156 labels, extension)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/frwiki/?campaigns=stats (274/5000 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/hewiki/?campaigns=stats (1069/5000 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/huwiki/?campaigns=stats (518/5000 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/idwiki/?campaigns=stats (50/2200 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/itwiki/?campaigns=stats (591/5390 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/jawiki/?campaigns=stats (356/9514 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/nowiki/?campaigns=stats (1815/5000 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/svwiki/?campaigns=stats (1657/5000 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/ukwiki/?campaigns=stats (161/3318 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/urwiki/?campaigns=stats (153/5000 labels)
http://labels.wmflabs.org/campaigns/viwiki/?campaigns=stats (0/5000 labels)

Note that we're developing a nice dashboard for this. See http://tools.wmflabs.org/dexbot/tools/wikilabels_stats.php

Note that two campaigns are labeled "extension" because we already have
support for those wikis, but we are running campaigns to extend the
observations in our labeled datasets for higher fitness. In order to get
these campaigns done, we need a local Wikipedian (or liaison) to call
attention to the campaign and make sure that questions get answered and
work continues. The wikis that already have support are those wikis where
we found a strong local collaborator to help.

  • Wikidata - User:Ladsgroup
  • Ptwiki - User:He7d3r
  • Trwiki - User:WhiteCat
  • Enwiki - User:EpochFail
  • Fawiki - User:Ladsgroup
  • Ruwiki - User:Putnik
  • Nlwiki - User:Krinkle
  • Plwiki - User:Tar_Lócesilion

As of right now, I'm the only person who is officially working on ORES full
time. Amir (User:Ladsgroup) is funded to work on ORES 4 hours per week
through WMDE. So, any time that someone asks something from us, we in
turn, ask for support in order to be able to do it. The most critical
support we could get for moving faster would be (1) community liaison
support for identifying local collaborators and driving the current Wiki
labels campaigns and (2) Engineering support to make the icky
user-script[3] into a proper extension.

  1. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/ORES_review_tool
  2. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_labels
  3. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_labels#Installation


Written by Halfak on Jun 3 2017, 4:57 PM.
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