Status update (September 14th, 2016)
September 14th, 2016

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This is the 21st weekly update from revision scoring team that we have sent
to this mailing list.

New development

  • We received a request to get moving on Spanish Wikibooks support, so we dug in:
  • We deployed a new Wiki labels campaign[1]
  • We fixed an issue in Wiki labels that prevented requests from *.[2]
  • We trained a basic "revert" detection model that seems to be pretty effective[3]
  • We also generated a dataset of article quality scores for English Wikipedia[4]. You can download it here: [5]

This week, we invested in some long term tasks. If you review our
phabricator board, you'll see substantial progress in improving our damage
detection models with hashing vectorization strategies[6, 7], implementing
a more robust model testing strategy[8], and implementing some advance
natural language processing strategies[9, 10]. Stay tuned for the
completion of these activities in the coming weeks.

  1. -- Add uniqueness constraints to ores_classification
  2. -- Fix CORS for wikibooks
  3. -- Train/test reverted model for Spanish Wikibooks
  4. -- Generate recent article quality scores for English Wikipedia
  6. -- [Spike] Investigate HashingVectorizer
  8. -- Train on all data, Report test statistics on cross-validation
  9. -- Implement PCFG features

Aaron from the Revision Scoring team

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