Status update (September 22nd, 2016)
September 22nd, 2016

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This is the 22nd weekly update from revision scoring team that we have sent to this mailing list.

UI work:

  • We configured the default threshold for the ORES review tool on Wikidata to be more strict (higher recall, lower precision)[1]
  • We fixed a display issue on Special:Contributions where the filters would not wrap[2]

Increasing model fitness:

  • We finished demonstrating model fitness gains using hash-vector features[3]. Next, we'll be working to get the hash-vector features implemented in revscoring/ORES[4].
  • We implemented a new strategy for training and testing on all data using cross-validation[5]. This will both increase the fitness of the models and make the statistics reported more robust.

Maintenance and robustness

  • We fixed an indexing issues in ores_model that prevented the deployment of updated models[6].
  • We did a minor investigation to a short period of degraded service quality on WMF Labs[7]
  1. -- Change default threshold for Wikidata to high
  2. -- Filter on user contribs has nowrap, causing issues
  3. -- [Spike] Investigate HashingVectorizer
  4. -- Implement ~100 most important hash vector features in editquality models
  5. -- Train on all data, Report test statistics on cross-validation
  6. -- oresm_model index should not be unique
  7. -- Investigate short period of ores-web-03 insanity

Aaron from the Revision Scoring team

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