Status update (October 11th, 2016)
October 11th, 2016

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This is the 24th and 25th weekly update from revision scoring team that we
have sent to this mailing list. We skipped a week due to travel and other

Maintenance and robustness:

  • We improved the performance of RecentChanges fitlering in the ORES extension[1]
  • We built and ran a maintenance script to clean up duplicate cached data for the ORES extension[2,3]
  • We updated the editquality models for the new version of revscoring (1.3.0)[4] and made some upstream changes to json2tsv to make that easier[5]
  • We quited down some of our error reporting so that our logs take up less space[6]


  • We generated a dataset that uses the "wp10" prediction model to assess article quality in monthly intervals for English, French, and Russian Wikipedia[7]. This should enable new research into the quality dynamics of these wikis.
  • We generated a dataset of vandalism, spam, and attack page creations for building a new "draft quality" model[8]


  • Presented about transparent/open AI development practices around ORES at the Association of Internet Researchers[9]

New development:

  • We've made substantial progress towards adding ORES data to MediaWiki's api.php endpoints with rcshow=oresreview[10] and rvprop=ores[11]
  1. -- hidenondamaging=1 query is extremely slow on enwiki
  2. -- Ensure ORES data violating constraints do not affect production
  3. -- Build a maintenance script to clean up duplicate data
  4. -- Update editquality for revscoring 1.3.0
  5. -- Add type decoding support to tsv2json
  6. -- Quiet result.get Warning in tasks
  7. -- Generate monthly article quality dataset
  8. -- Generate spam and vandalism new page creation dataset
  9. -- Present about ORES transparency at AoIR
  10. -- Introduce rcshow=oresreview and similar ones
  11. -- Introduce ORES rvprop

Aaron from the Revision Scoring team

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