Status update (November 29th, 2016)
November 29th, 2016

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This is the 30th and 31st weekly update from the revision scoring team that
we have sent to this mailing list. We accidentally skipped a week again.

New development:

  • We added a new "lowest" sensitivity level to ORES review tool. This new sensistivity level will only flag edits that ORES is very confident are actually damaging[1].
  • We applied the MediaWiki standard color palette to Wikilabels[2]
  • We generated a manually censored public dataset of spam/vandalism/attack pages[3]. This will help others to develop spam, vandalism and attack page detection models. See the publication of the dataset[4].
  • We've implement color-based confidence reporting for ORES damage detection[5]

Maintenance and robustness:

  • We updated the version of OOjs-UI that gets bundled with Wiki labels[6] and moved the static assets to a new repositiory[7]
  • We fixed an issue in the recscoring library[8] that caused ORES to return invalid JSON and rendered the UI useless[9].


  • We gave a 3 minute presentation on the state of ORES to Victoria Coleman, the WMF's new CTO[10].
  • We performed a basic analysis of Wikipedia article quality trends using the dataset we released a few weeks ago[11]. We'll have a more substantial analysis soon.
  • We made a post on the ORES review tool talk page[12,13] detailing how we plan to incorporate a new filtering strategy into the ORES review tool. Please join the discussion there.
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Aaron from the Revision Scoring team

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