Status update (March 16th, 2017)
March 16th, 2017

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Hey folks!

I should really stop calling this a weekly update because it's getting a bit silly at this point. :) But if it were a weekly update, it would cover the weeks of 42 - 46.


  • 3 new models: Finnish Wikipedia (reverted) and Estonian Wikipedia (damaging & goodfaith)
  • We estimated and agreed on funding for ORES servers in the next year with Operations
  • We published a paper about vandalism detection in Wikidata and a blog post about the massive effect of some initiatives on coverage of Women Scientists in Wikipedia.

New development:

  • We added recall-based threshold metrics to the new draftquality model which should help tool devs know what which new page creations to highlight for review[1]
  • We added optional notices for ORES pages which will help us visually distinguish our experimental install in WMFlabs from the Prod install ( ores.wikimedia.org)[2]
  • We added basic language support for Finish (Thanks 4shadoww)[3] and deployed a 'reverted' model[4]
  • We lead a discussion in Wikidata about "item quality" that resulted in a Wikipedia 1.0 like scale for Wikidata quality[5,6] and designed a Wikilabels form to capture the gist of it[7]
  • We enabled the ORES Review Tool on Czech Wikipedia[8]
  • We configured ChangeProp to use our new minified JSON output to save bandwidth[9]
  • We extended the Estonian language assets (Thanks Cumbril)[10] and deployed the 'damaging' and 'goodfaith' models[11,12]
  • We enabled a testing model for 'goodfaith' on the Beta Cluster to make it easier for the Collaboration team to run tests with their new filter interface[13]
  • We created a new "precache" endpoint that will allow us to de-duplicate configuration with ChangeProp and handle all routing in ORES locally[14]


  • We completed a 2 year estimate of ORES resource needs and discussed funding (capital expendature) for ORES in the coming fiscal year[15]. This will allow us to continue to grow ORES both in number of models and in scoring capacity.


  • Amir improved the KDD paper based on review feedback[16] and got it published[17]
  • We published a blob post about our measurements of WikiProject Women Scientists[18,19] -- "The Keilana Effect"
  • Thanks to Cumbril's work, the Estonian labeling campaing was finished[20]


  • In early February, we deployed a new set of translations to Wikilabels (specifcally targeting Romanian Wikipedia)[21]
  • In mid-February, we deployed some fixes to ORES documentation and response formatting[22]
  • In mid-March, we deployed 3 new scoring models and ORES notices[23]

Maintenance and robustness:

  • We fixed a serious issue in the "mwoauth" library that Wikilabels depends on[24]
  • We reduced the number of revisions per request that we could receive via api.php[25]
  • We investigated a scap issue that broke ORES deployment[26]
  • We fixed a minor issue with JSON minification behavior[27] and hard-coding of the location of ORES in the documentation[28]
  • We improved performance of ORES filters on MediaWiki[29]
  • We improved the language describing ORES behavior on Special:Contributions[30]
  • We added a notice to the Wikipages that Dexbot maintains about its behavior[31]
  • We added notices to ores.wmflabs.org about it's experimental nature[32]
  • We fixed some issues with testing Finnish language assets[33]
  • We fixed some styling issues that resulted from an upgrade of OOJS UI[34]
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